Updated 05/27/2020







New Litter of 5 Cockapoos!

Born: April 07, 2020   Ready to go Beginning  of June!!!

Video of Cockapoo Puppies Playing!!

Updated 5/27/2020

Pictures Updated 05/12/2020

Cockapoo: Female A (Sold)

Congratulations Mike, Sophia nad Ellie!!

 PRICE  $1800.00


Cockapoo: Male C (Sold)

Congratulations Colleen!! 

 PRICE  $1800.00


Cockapoo: Male E (Sold)

Congratulations Judy!!

 PRICE  $2000.00



New Litter of 4 Cockapoos!

Born: April 27, 2020   Ready to go End of June!!!

Pictures Updated 05/27/2020

Cockapoo: Female #1 (Sold)

Congratulations Karla 1st Pick!!

 PRICE  $2000.00



Cockapoo: Female #2 (Sold)

Congratulations Melissa 2nd Pick!!!

 PRICE  $2000.00

Cockapoo: Female #3 (Sold)

Congratulations Dave and Jessica 3rd Pick!!

 PRICE  $2000.00


Cockapoo: Male #4 (Sold)

Congratulations Rebecca!!

 PRICE  $2000.00


Previous Litter Pictures of

8 Week Old Puppies!!

Updated 05/12/2020