Updated 04/19/2018


New Litter of 2 Maltipoo Puppies!!

Born: March 22, 2018

Ready to go at End of May!!!

 Pictures Updated 04/018/2018

Maltipoo: Male #1 (Sold)

Congratulations Stephanie!!

1st Pick of the Males!!

Price $950.00


Maltipoo: Male #2

Price $950.00






New Litter of 7 Maltipoo Puppies

Born: March 14, 2018

Ready to go at Middle of May!!!

 Pictures Updated 04/10/2018

Maltipoo: Female #1 (Sold)

Congratulations Vicki!!  

Price $1100.00


Maltipoo: Female #2 (Sold)

Congratulations Sarah!!

Price $1100.00


Maltipoo: Female #3 (Sold)

Congratulations Bob!!

He Picked!!!! 

Price $1100.00


Maltipoo: Female #4 (Sold)

Congratulations Sharyn!!!

Price $1100.00


Maltipoo: Female #5 (Sold)

Congratulations Carla!!

Price $1100.00


Maltipoo: Male #6 (Sold)

Congratulations Cheryl!!

Price $950.00


Maltipoo: Male #7 (Sold)

Congratulations Alexis!!

Price $950.00



New Litter of 4 Maltipoo Puppies!!

Born: April 03, 2018

Ready to go at Beginning of June!!!

 Pictures Updated 04/09/2018

Maltipoo: Female A (Sold)

Congratulations Paula!!

1st Pick of the Females!!

Price $1100.00


Maltipoo: Female B (Sold)

Congratulations Kayla!!

2nd Pick of the Females!!

Price $1100.00


Maltipoo: Male C (Sold)

Congratulations Sheila!!!

Price $950.00


Maltipoo: Male D (Sold)

Congratulations Jess!!

Price $950.00


Adult Maltipoo Male

Not For Sale!!!



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