Updated 01/23/2020



New Litter of 3 Maltipoo Puppies!!

Born: September 20, 2019   Ready to go Middle of November!!!

Video of Maltipoo Males Playing Together!!

Updated 01/07/2020

 Pictures Updated 01/07/2020

Maltipoo: Male #33

Weight 4.7 lbs

REDUCED PRICE  Price $750.00




New Litter of 4 Maltipoo Puppies!!

Born: December 04, 2019   Ready to go Beginning of February!!!

 Pictures Updated 01/23/2020

Video of Maltipoo Puppies Playing!!

Maltipoo Puppies Together!!



Maltipoo: Female A

Price $1100.00


Maltipoo: Female B

Price $1100.00


Maltipoo: Male C

Price $950.00


Maltipoo: Male D

Price $950.00





Adult Maltipoo Male

Not For Sale!!!



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