Updated 06/23/2020 


New Litter of 5 Yorkiepoo Puppy!

Born May 09, 2020  Ready to go Beginning of July!!

 Pictures Updated 06/15/2020

Yorkiepoo: Female AA (Sold)

Congratulations Carol PICKED!!

Price $2000.00


Yorkiepoo: Female BB (Sold)

Congratulations Carolyn PICKED!!

Price $2000.00



Yorkiepoo: Male CC (Sold)

Congratulations Craig and Vicki 1st Pick!!

Price $2000.00



Yorkiepoo: Male DD (Sold)

Congratulations Lindsey 2nd Pick!!

Price $2000.00



Yorkiepoo: Male EE (Sold)

Congratulations Sheila 3rd Pick!!

Price $2000.00





Pictures of Previous Yorkiepoo Puppies at

8 weeks of Age!!

Updated 06/15/2020